Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Designs provides customers with the latest design, high quality parts, accessories and service for high performance and sport automobiles at reasonable prices, and responding to customer requests within 24 working hours. Since 1987, our customers have been purchasing our products with confidence and reliability. Now, you too can feel confident that you will be buying from and established and reputable company.

We, the employees of Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Designs, pledge to honor our company's mission statement by adhering to the following promises:

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We promise to keep Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Designs the leading provider of value in the industry by listening and responding to the needs of our customers.

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We promise to honor our commitments, whether verbal or written in all of our dealings with customers and suppliers. We promise to respect and welcome our competition.

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We promise to continually strive to improve our level of performance by exceeding our customer's service expectations

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We promise to continue extending a warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and courteous attitude toward our customers and among ourselves.